Pretty Things


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"Pretty Things" is a stripped-down acoustic EP by PLASMA CANVAS which features Jamie Lynn Axton on guitar and vocals.


released April 16, 2017

Ryanne Brooks - Recording Engineer



all rights reserved


PLASMA CANVAS Fort Collins, Colorado

Dirty Femme Rock.

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Track Name: Context
Maybe I shouldn't see you now
Don't want to forget
Don't know the context
Maybe I should go sleep it off
Think real hard about my words
And gather up my nerve

But tonight is our night
I'll play anything you like
I can't breathe, but it's alright
I've been stopped dead in your eyes
I surrender

Starting to care less all the time
Where I draw the line
Could I tell the truth tonight?
I've got to say what I've got to say
I only want just what you want
Is this context good enough?

And you can tell them all
That this is your song
I hope you scream it at the top of your lungs

Ain't got a bike, but I got a jacket.
Track Name: I'm Not Her
There's more than one way to play guitar
There's even more ways to be a girl
The comparison is flattering
But I am my own woman,
So please don't hold it Against Me!

Don't get me wrong, I love her songs
But to compare us is so wrong
She's the "anarchy queen"
And I'm a no-name kid from Missouri
And I know that she gives great hugs
And probably got some real good drugs
But she's not me and I'm not her -
And it's okay.

I met her once out at KC
Then again outside the back of the Marquis
The KC show's a disaster
And it was 3am at the other
But both times I felt the love
Both times she was cool as fuck

I don't write with my identity.
I think you're being lazy.
Track Name: Hollywood, MO
We were the brightest flames
We were the biggest stars
Our little life was a movie that you'd watch in your car
The characters are funny
Got their little quirks
The script is full of plot holes, but oddly it works
Saved up for awhile
Got a place of our own
Hung up some posters and slowly made it a home
It was its own kind of perfect
Our own brand of fucked up
It's all great for the cameras
Then the director cuts

You say you don't know yourself?
Well, I know what you mean
Even as I see this mirror in front of me
If this was all a movie, then you'd be my favorite scene
Because you were the closest I'll ever be
To the American dream

The cliches in the screenplay
Something I came to love
It was nice to wake up and not prove who I was
But sometimes it's got to rain
And the actors have to go home
So I close my eyes by the river
And watch the memories go.
Track Name: Sing Me Your Hate
Didn't want to leave, but we couldn't stay
Can't be around you when you're acting this way
Don't want to tell you how to live your life
But we like you more when you smile
You let yourself give up so easy
You're only holding yourself back
Through your hands we see you peeking
Won't you just give up the act?
We know it's all an act.

How could you know just where I am?
I see you roll your eyes and sigh,
While you say you understand
I'm in a battle where I can't choose a side
Do you know what it's like to fight your own mind?
I want to see you try to live this
Maybe afterwards I'll get some silence
Stop sending all of your cute advice to me
Because I want to die, and I can't fix that with flattery.

Sing to me with all your hate and love
Scream at me and beg me to wake up
So afraid of yourself, but what are you running from?
We're all just broken hearts finding where we belong.

I don't want to hear what you've got to say
Unless you're screaming, then scream away
I want to give in to the hurt I feel
But it isn't meant to stay
It's fading away,
It's fading away,
It's fading away...
It's what I wish I could say.
Track Name: Give In To The Embrace
It's not concrete, cold or heavy
But it's crushing just the same
This pressure on my sternum
Suffocating in the rain

Building anticipation
My shoulders start to shake
As it weighs down on me
My heart craves release
You lift the weight away

My lungs take in new air
For the first time I can breathe
Succombing like a newborn
As you share this weight with me

What happens when I let go?
Give into the embrace?
While it weighs down on me
My heart craves release
You lift the weight away

What happens when I stumble?
Will you struggle for me?
Will you help carry my burdens
And feed them to the sea?

You took my pain away,
Then you became the weight.
Track Name: Pretty Things
Your coffee's on the table, baby
I couldn't bring myself to throw it out
Your water's in the window,
Painting pictures on my heart
And I can't bring myself to wash the glass.

It's cold outside, I'm out of money
And there's nothing special on TV
I don't care where you've been,
Because I can taste your breath
Would it be so bad to be alone with me?

Now what I'd say to you, I'd say again
What I'd say to you, I'd say again
What I'd say to you is I would un-break every promise made
So you'll never feel alone again

Now what I'd say to you, I'd say again
What I'd say to you, I'd say again
What I'd say to you is I could take the train and you could, too
And come back home to us again.